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Near Field Communication


The NFC (Near Field Communication)large capacity card adopts near-field communication technology, an ultra-short-range technology that is designed for compatible devices recognition and data exchange in a short distance. The NFC chip can be used in mobile devices,

consumer electronics, PCs, and intelligent control toolkit to visit data and exchange information in an easy and convenient way which

provides you an easy, secure, and efficient automatic communication services.


Performance Parameter

The first to use 55nm technology in the industry 
Meet with NFC related agreements and standards
Ultra large capacity; storage space up to 4M
Able to R&W information via an app on mobile phones, easy to operate
Contactless USB storage function, easy to carry and share
Long-hours data retention; numerous programming/erasing times, strong anti-static capacity 
Based on IOS 14443A/ 14443B, allow users to preset readable/ restart/ read-only functions

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