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• For use in HP® and Canon®
• Designed and engineered for optimum performance with our entire

range of imaging components
• Eliminates risk of infringing Canon® gear patents


OPC Drum with Patented ZeroTwist Gear Technology


Doctor Blade

• Deliver comparable OEM performance from start to finish, throughout

the cartridge cycle
• Static Control's Doctor Blades are made with precision to provide high

quality throughout cartridge life


•  Using worn or damaged toner adder rollers can create print defects,

such as backgrounding or voiding
•Static Control's Toner Adder Rollers provide consistent, defect-free

cartridge performance

Toner Adder Roller


Whatever you want

Our entire range of imaging components gives you optimum performance comparable to OEM


Wiper Blade

Developer Roller

• Worn or damaged developer rollers will cause light print, backgrounding or banding
• Static Control’s Developer Rollers allow remanufacturers to quickly

replace the OEM roller instead of wasting time locating and cleaning used


Mag Roller

• Damaged, worn or out-of-round mag roller can cause print defects such

as light print and banding
• Static Control offers a replacement mag roller for use when a suitable

OEM replacement is not available

NeverTab PCR

• For use in HP® and Canon®
• Toner additive build up solution

• Optimum print quality, page yield and excellent intensity
• No print defects, no hidden cost.


Manufactured to provide optimum OPC drum cleaning


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