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Ninestar: Time to Open a New Chapter

Ninestar: Time to Open a New Chapter

Company news
2016/12/13 09:20

To our customers, partners and media friends:


In the 1st session of the fifth Board meeting of Apex Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) held on August 30th 2016, and the fifth shareholders’ extraordinary general meeting held on September 20th 2016, the motion of the change of corporate name and registration address was adopted. According to the motion, the corporate name will be changed into “Ninestar Corporation” from “Apex Technology Co., Ltd.”, with the company stock code remaining the same.


1. Explanation of the Change of Corporate Name


By far the company’s business scopes cover the entire printer industry chain, starting from IC chips, to printer cartridge components and parts, compatible print consumables, OEM print consumables, laser printer, and managed print service (MPS). Ninestar is the original name used at the moment of the establishment of the company, and also a recognized name in printer industry. Ninestar, which means in Chinese “embrace the diversity of thoughts and achieve common dreams”, reflects the company core value of Win-Win. The decision of the change of corporate name is made to be aligned with the company’s new strategic positioning.


2. Others


The corporate name is changed from “Apex Technology Co., Ltd.” to “Ninestar Corporation”, with the stock name changed accordingly from “Apex” to “Ninestar” and the stock code “002180” remaining the same. The new company name and the stock name take effect as of May 26th , 2017.





Apex Technology Co., Ltd.

Board of Directors

May 26th 2017

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