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Printer’s Dedicated Replacement Chips

Printer’s Dedicated Replacement Chips

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Printer’s Dedicated Replacement Chips


Apex is the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components with the most comprehensive “replacement chip system” and

“comprehensive chip & cartridges recycling program”. Apex also gained a lot of achievements in files of printer’s  software, hardware, chemistry,

and optics. Apex now succeeds in providing technologies and solutions used in OEM printers, which makes Apex become a leader in the industry.

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Printer’s Dedicated Replacement Chips

Apex’s replacement chips used in laser/inkjet cartridges adopt self-developed wafers to make them more consistent than

other replacement chips. The chip’s excellent performance and high quality set a technological standard in the industry. Now

Apex’s replacement chips have become the first choice for global recycling factories and dealers at home and overseas.


Apex values independent intellectual property rights since it was established on 2004. At present, Apex has developed a

complete intellectual property system and realized information management covering areas of patent early-warning, patent

analysis, patent protection, patent infringement avoidance, trademark registration, software copyright protection, registration

of IC Layout-design, etc. Apex’s innovative solutions gain recognition from customers at home and overseas.


Also, Apex earnestly establishes cooperation relations with the counterparts in the industry to provide special solutions for

our customers and realize competitive differentiation to help our partners obtain a higher popularity in the market.


SoC Chip Solutions

Following to the developing trends of replacement chips, Apex have achieved transformation from producing small scale and single functional

replacement chips to producing large scale and comprehensive functional replacement chips. In order to follow up the technology development

in the industry, Apex developed the patented SoC chip to create more benefits for our customers.

What are the features and benefits of Apex SoC chips?

-Adopt patented 32-bit CPU core with mature ASIC design to meet OEM parameter requirements.
-Combine dedicated hardware encryption modules such as SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm), AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), DES (Data

Encryption Standard), and RSA algorithm and IIC communications; A serial bus interface module with 1-WIRE and UART to ensure the inner

modules of the replacement chips are same as OEMs’.
-Adopt hardware encryption design which has faster computing than the universal MCU designed products in the market and has strong ability

to anti upgrade.
-Adopt self-designed 32-bit/8-bit RISC architecture to effectively prevent plagiarism and make faster computing.
-Adopt self-designed CPU core and complete intellectual property rights to avoid patent infringement problems.
-Shorten the development cycle of new products in order to provide our customers new products in a short time.


New encrypted SoC chip with 32-bit embedded CPU design

To satisfy printer’s security demands, Apex launched new patented embedded CPU SoC chips combining designs of China-made 32-bit embedded CPU, hardware encryption, and CPU control technology with new low power consumption storage structure.

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