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Enterprise Market Value


Total Revenue
in 2017

In 201H1,
 enterprise's revenue reached 10.4 billion RMB




Total Revenue
in 2018H1


In 2017,

enterprise's revenue reached 21.3 billion RMB

Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2014, and gained investment   from Lenovo Legend capital.2018 Top 500 Listed Companies in China


Total Market Capacity

The printing industry is a    formidable market with great development prospects and high thresholds.



Annual output of300+ million pcs

A Global Leader in Printing Consumable Industry;



With an annual output of 220 million pcs 

Ranked No.1 in China's export market share;



Toner Cartridge


With an annual output of 220 million pcs 

Ranked No.1 in China's export market share;


Ribbon & Ink


Annual output of Ribbon 
25 million pcs.

Ink 3.4 million     Bottles.



Lexmark + Pantum
Annual sales of
2.2 million units;
The world's top five printer manufacturers.  It will rank among the top three in    three 




Ink Cartridge


18,000 employees allocate in 60 countries are dedicated to the best customer experience (quality, environment, cost).
Globally, Ninestar R&D personnel accounted for 13.25%, reaching 2,413 people; R&D expenses accounted for 7.69% of total annual revenue, reaching 1.65 billion RMB.With Nine R&D centers: Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, USA (North Carolina, Lexington, Kansas), India, Philippines.


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