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Breakthroughs in technical barriers


We were the first company to develop encrypted chip technology for compatible inkjet cartridge

Laid the foundation for the sustainable development of the compatible inkjet cartridge industry

Design around patents for dongle gear

We are one of the only 2 companies in the market with the solution and product quality better than the competition.


We were the first to release the micro pressure valve technology for ink supply in inkjet cartridge and the technology of print head adapter

solved the pollution problem caused by residual ink of inkjet cartridge


We released China's first laser printer with proprietary intellectual property

Filled the gap in China’s printer industry and provided the customers with the possibility of buying high quality machines at good price.

We were the first to develop the new-build patented compatible toner cartridge technology

We started China's compatible toner cartridge business


We were the first to release color automatic 3D printer in


Our self-developed color light curing direct injection 3D printing technology makes 3D printing technology one of the most advanced levels in the world

4297 patents




During the last 20 years, 300000+ major patent techniques have mastered by major OEMs from the US, Japan and Korea. No new manufacturer has entered the industry.




















Ninestar R&D philosophy is to research and develop based on market demand with a focus on technical innovation. The company conducts cooperative R&D

and in-house R&D on the basis of market demand and advanced technology, so as to provide our customer continuously improved print solution. Ninestar R&D

also concentrates on industry trend and technology advancement direction, to better comprehend future demand and match R&D with the print industry

development direction.


Scientific research platforms

3 state-level scientific platforms, 1 joint laboratory


Patent system 

Ninestar has built the biggest patent platform in the industry. Its patent system is capable of retrieving, downloading, analyzing and managing global patent information. It can also keep

tabs on competitors’ patent strategies and provides information on previous patent violation lawsuits in the industry. Ninestar has over 20 000 authorized patents for its use and owns over

1000 proper patents.




Innovation milestones:
2000:Started manufacturing compatible ink cartridges for inkjet printers
2002:Became the first company in the industry that developed encrypted chip for compatible ink cartridge, which laid solid foundation for the sustainable development of compatible ink cartridge industry
2003:Invented micro-pressure valve ink supply technology,solved the environmental pollution problem caused by the residual

ink in used ink cartridge.
2004:Succeeded to develop compatible toner cartridge with patented technology and started compatible toner cartridge industry

in China.
2007:Succeeded to develop pigment ink technology that produced 100-year durable pictures, bringing its ink manufacturing

technology to world leading level.
2008:Launched Unismart system and made great contribution to recycling industry.
2009:Developed laser electrostatic imaging technology and reached up to 95% toner transfer rate, recognized as world leading

environment-friendly laser printing technology.
2012:Developed dedicated SOC chip technology with China-made CPU, ensuring national information security.
2015:Developed direct injection 3D full color light curing printing technology, making its 3D technology one of the most advanced




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