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Ninestar Corporation

Ninestar Corporation

The Ninestar Corporation (stock code: 002180), as one of the top 500 listed companies in China and globally top 5 laser printer manufacturer, has been focusing on the printing and imaging industry for 20 years, and has become an outstanding imaging & output technology solution expert and a leading printing consumable chip designer, and a global leader in compatible consumable industry as well. The company has nearly 20000 employees all over the world and sells its product in over 150 countries and regions, generating annual revenue more than 20 billion RMB.


Top 500 listed companies in China


Nearly 20,000 employees worldwide


The annual sales scale of the group exceeds 20 billion


Products cover more than 150 countries and regions

Professional and committed to high-end users

In 2016, Ninestar acquired the world-well known laser printer company "Lexmark", who focuses on the mid-and-high-end printer market and is known for its mid- and high-end printer products and Managed Print Service (MPS). Then, Ninestar quickly became the top printer manufacturer of the world and with strong brand influence in the European and American markets. As a recognized leading provider in print imaging solutions, printer hardware, business processes and services, Lexmark has competitive advantage in critical market segments such as MPS, Smart Capture, enterprise content management, healthcare content management, financial process automation and enterprise search,  and is providing high-value print service solutions to millions of customers worldwide.
Zhuhai Seine Group, the controlling parent company of Ninestar Corporation, develops and sells 3D printers for industrial use.  Its products are suitable for multi-material color medical education & training model and surgical planning model, jewelry fine casting model and multi-material color personalized products. 2007, Legend Holdings, through its subsidiary Legend Capital, injected capital in the Seine.
Pantum Electronics, a domestic laser printer manufacturer managed by Ninestar, is the first China laser printer manufacturer that owns core laser printing technology and registered Pantum as brand name for its laser printers. Pantum printers are shortlisted for China domestic replacement program in critical areas.

Ninestar Corporation

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