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Talent building

Sophisticated talent building system


Apex has established a sophisticated building system based on corporate strategy and business development, including management course, organization design and implementation

course, evaluation training, trainer training and budget management training. The system creates great learning atmosphere and trains a number of young executives.

Trainer Training


internal trainer

 external trainer

part-time trainer

Evaluation Process Training


reaction evaluation

learning ability evaluation

execution ability evaluation

outcome delivery ability evaluation

System Design Course


management manual training

budget management course

part-time learning program

management of recruited new graduates


Diverse training for new graduates

Apex places great emphasis on new graduate training and has developed an efficient training program after 11 years practices. Most of trained new graduates have become cadres in Apex.


Management Training


advanced management course

 intermediate management course

basic management course

dedicated special course

course for new employees


Clear promotion path

Apex provides diverse promotion paths according to characteristics of our employees, allowing our employees to have a clear development direction and goals. Major promotion paths

include: engineer development path, salesperson development path and executive development path.




Engineering director

Senior engineer


Assistant engineer




General Manager





Sales force


General manager

Sales director

Senior sales manager

Sales manger

Sales assistant